Fabula Mortis!

Chocka Bokke @ Second Life
(plus me getting flipped off)

I have some fixes to do on the eyeliner when the eyes shut… if it’s even possible to fix it and still keep it’s current shape when it’s open BUT she’s done other than that.
!!this picture has filters and these aren’t her actual colours!!

hair // pants

I’m trying some new things while doing this Candy Apple Kemono mod!
New lipgloss, updated eyeliner, some eye pinks and a bit more shading all over the face.

wow :DD!!! will those Chinchilla mods become Kemono mods ?!

Yes! I will try to do the same colours I released for the chinchilla mods, but the colours might not match exactly the same because I will be shading them differently to how I used to!
Here’s what I have so far

(I haven’t decided on the freckle placement at the moment, so they look sloppy right now)

I will be doing the cyan/pink candy apple as a group gift again :D

Candy Apple for the Kemono~

Candy Apple's been my (secret, shhh) baby since I first dreamt about her, even though the dream was really odd and she was holding some weird decoden d***o. I fancy making her a little more accurately for the Kemono avatar cuz I'm a more confident texturer than I was when I did my chinchilla or viss mods.

I’m gonna try to make her today, but I’m super dopey from sleeping tablets I took last night. This’ll be a fun challenge trying to draw while feeling like this. ;’D

No mod hairs

stop. ;_;


New Release~!
Completely modifiable and includes horn UVs for modders

Marketplace | SLURL

Check theeeese ouuuuuut! Aaaaaaahh!

The last of my bear mods for now, I feel like I’ve exhausted my options for the time being.
Black and white was obviously a requirement again. I love doing these!

Polar + Black

Pop doesn’t actually have pink hair.


yeah ive had to purge sale items because of bad associations as well. there’s no shame to maintaining your own mental health

Yus! Your shop should be a pleasant place for you and shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable or negative.

I felt the same way and ended up getting rid of some of my items back in 2012/2013. I want to get rid of a lot of my old piercings but people still buy them and I haven’t made any new ones to replace them. :C

The way I see it is if it’s mentally dragging me down then the sales don’t matter and I gotta get rid of it, my shop has to be a thing I’m pleased with and don’t dread looking at.
If you still feel like you want to remove things from your store you could set up a last chance sale and be done with them~ :D

Next set of flavoursome bear mods for the Kemono avatar!

Ears and tail that are included were meshed by Chocka Blokke. But don’t worry, the appliers provided will still texture your Kemono ears/tail if you’d prefer to mix and match or not use the alternative ears/tail provided!

Royal // Sky // Orange // Melon

Previous flavour set here

Responding to a couple questions~

Okay, plenty of people have asked me this or asked people I know or asked other customers/fans of my shop!
My kemono mods are not yet in world, I am going to be selling them at my main store once the new build is complete. I have been trying to juggle planning/building my shop, working on new mods and also setting up a little shop at Grymmy’s. Though, I haven’t made much progress due to feeling down and the weather being too hot so this is taking a lot longer than I initially thought.
I will be discontinuing a whole load of stuff from my shop, I have already gotten rid of some things from pre-2010. I intend on cutting back my stock and will not be selling these things on the marketplace as I want to start a fresh sort of. I want to sell things that I am proud of, not things I made just because I felt I had to make something (a lot of stuff from 2009-2013 fall into this “category”). My shop needs to fill me with positivity and I don’t want to be ashamed of the stuff I sell. I hope you understand that these old things are dragging me down and I don’t need or want them in my shop any more.
A few people have already asked me if they can buy <old item> off me but unfortunately I have deleted the files from my computer and deleted them from my inventory because I don’t want anything to do with my old stuff right now.